Hungry, Lonely, Scared • Part 4, Black Bart!

Please read the whole series! Part 1 is here May 6, 2012

Progress with the new kitty! No longer is he growling when I come in and dish out some canned food. There are still a few daggers, and no contact, but I was pretty close to him and he didn't growl! He doesn't understand windows or mirrors, but he's been using the kitty box, so I'm not really sure what kind of life he had before he came here. I'm assuming he came up after being abandoned from the neighbors down the hill when they moved away. They left a couple of their dogs there at the house as well. He has injuries on him, from the dogs, wildlife or the awful people there. I'm just not sure he was ever kept inside, or he would know that windows are not the way to get out. He has crashed into them so many times, there are bloody marks on all of the windows and mirrors. He certainly seems untrusting and mostly feral, but then he immediately used the kitty box.

Thinking of renaming him from Black Bart. Every time I go in there, he has a new hiding place and I have to call around hunting for him. BJ says we should name him "Bueller". He was in a cave for most of today. When I went in each time today, surely enough I was saying: "Bueller? Bueller?" It made me giggle.

I think I'm making progress with him. Instead of trying to get away in a crazed panic, he now backs into one of his safe spots and growls at me while I put down his stinky food. And he is definitely a Bart and not a Betty. Yeowza! And I can get closer too. When I put down his latest serving of stinky food, my hand was only about a foot away from him. He doesn't seem to like hands at all, so that was a real improvement. If what I suspect is true, hands were the delivery system of abuse at his former home. I keep explaining to him that not all people are like those. I've been letting him see other kitties from a distance with me too, hoping that will show him how they're treated. I just want to take all those abusive people and throw them in a hole together and let the gods sort them out.

On the Counter

Black Bart. Out of hiding and has been loving his stinky food. Still no contact, but there are fewer daggers being sent my way.

COMING SOON - The Dagger Eyes are Gone! Thanks for following! Peace, Joy

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