Whither Thou Goest, My Blinky?

We've been a bit spun-out over the past number of days. We have lost one of our family. We're both really torn up. We've not been getting any signal from Blinky's tracking radio since she didn't come home and we've taken to widening the search area every day by truck, using the Radio Direction Finder to see if she is just out of range. Nothing. No idea what happened to her. She just vanished.

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My Beautiful Zot

She's being an inside kitty today.

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Kittens in the Water Hose!

After we found and rescued our recent litter of kittens from under a deck of a rented house a little ways up the road by the mailboxes, we were stunned at how striking their features and markings were. We looked into what breed they might be and found that they showed all the signs of being pure blood Bengal kittens. Of course, being abandoned and feral, we had no

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