FurEver FurBall | A New Crystal’s Kitty Memorial

We just added a new form of remembrance of your Friend with Fur to Crystal's Kitty Memorials.

They're called: FurEver FurBalls and they are really, really wonderful.

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Pet Memorials, Art and Pet Loving Come Together

Orange Tabby Urn

I have been a pet lover my entire life. I've never had fewer than three at any given time, usually more. When I as growing up, we had upwards of 10 dogs, 10 cats, chickens, guinea pigs, fish... For whatever reason, needy kitties seem to find me. And I help them, either to get back to their homes, or if they have no home, they find a new loving home with me.

I've also always been an artist, but only recently doing my own glassblowing. We built our own glass blowing equipment so that we could go out whenever we wanted and make some beautiful glass art right here at our studio. It was then that I realized that I could use my glass art to help myself and help others who had to deal with the tremendous heartbreak of losing a beloved pet.

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