2012 Calendar Featuring Kitten Rescues

Winky in her little bed

When I first went to the house where the neighbor said a litter of kittens was living under the deck, I had already captured one of them out on the road. I knew she was a beautiful little girl, but had only seen a fleeting glimpse of one other kitten - a little black one. Here is the first one I caught:

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Kittens in the Water Hose!

After we found and rescued our recent litter of kittens from under a deck of a rented house a little ways up the road by the mailboxes, we were stunned at how striking their features and markings were. We looked into what breed they might be and found that they showed all the signs of being pure blood Bengal kittens. Of course, being abandoned and feral, we had no

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His Favorite Song

In 1985, I went with my mom to our vet's office in Indiana. We were there for regular shots for some of my mom's kitties. We always have had numerous cats and I had recently adopted a tiny little striped grey girl, naming her "Crystal". But while I was waiting, I looked up and at the top of a tall bookcase was a regal and strikingly beautiful full grey Korat cat. He sat tall and surveyed his room. I was told that he was a bit over a year old and had been abandoned, so was their "shop kitty". I was smitten. I asked if I could see him

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What’s In A Name?

Everything. A person's name stays with them for their entire life and long after they've departed this continuum that they share with us for too short a time. Choosing one is a huge responsibility. Choosing the right one is daunting at times. It has to "fit" and, if you're of the creative and imaginative type, like us, it has to be interesting. At its very best, a name for

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Friends Are Where You Find Them

Our lives are so much more rich because we have rescued families of Maine Coon and Bengal kittens but this first post is about a different kind of rescue. Sometimes, it is difficult to know who is the stray.

We have a number of breeds as "singletons"; most of whom arrived here on their own, determined that this is a nice place and they want to stay. We

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