2012 Calendar Featuring Kitten Rescues

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Winky in her little bed

When I first went to the house where the neighbor said a litter of kittens was living under the deck, I had already captured one of them out on the road. I knew she was a beautiful little girl, but had only seen a fleeting glimpse of one other kitten - a little black one. Here is the first one I caught:

Winky in her little bed

Little Winky right after I caught her.

I sat quietly off the deck, waiting to see if any of the rest of the litter would emerge. The lady there said there were four more! They were living wild under the deck with their mother, but the mother hadn't been seen for a week or so, so the lady called me to see if I could catch them and take care of them. Kittens. In trouble. I wasted no time in going there with my safe traps.

After a bit, I saw a little stripey kitten coming out of hiding. They were about 3 months old by then. I stayed very still and saw the little black one I had seen before. They trundled up onto the deck and I was taken aback at the striking markings, the beautiful color, the lean muscular Serengeti look of these kittens. Wow. I was in love!!

I set the traps and waited. That evening all four came up to investigate the wonderfully stinky food I had set in the traps. All four were breathtakingly beautiful! How does such beautiful kittens happen in the wild? That evening and the next morning, I was successful in trapping all four kittens. Never did see the mother. I brought them home to the dismay of my partner who kept asking "What are you going to do with a whole litter of kittens???" I could only reply "Love them."

Four kittens looking at bird tv!

Within a few days, the kittens had started to adapt to their new lifestyle and trust the Food Giver, and my partner had succumbed to their beauty and sweetness.

As they got comfortable with me (which was surprisingly fast, given they were feral), they would get into more and more wonderfully photogenic poses, perfect to make into a beautiful calendar for the new year. It's not only the Bengals, but also has some of our other rescues as well, including the wonderful Maine Coons.


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  • Josefina Mcculloughpurrs:

    This soft and sultry ebony beauty is Baby. She is an adorable 2 1/2 year old Black Egyptian Mau kitten. She was rescued from the middle of a Zamalek street in Zamalek by a kind lady who then pass her to her current foster mother who bottle fed and then weaned her. She is described as very cuddly and gets very attached to her owner. She is healthy, vaccinated, and litter trained. Baby now is looking for a loving home in Egypt or USA/Canada.


  • My mother made the observation that kittens and other babies can utterly give themselves to play in a way that the rest of us can’t because we’ve had the play smacked out of us by life. Now and then, I think we should all play as unreservedly as possible.

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