Kittens in the Water Hose!


After we found and rescued our recent litter of kittens from under a deck of a rented house a little ways up the road by the mailboxes, we were stunned at how striking their features and markings were. We looked into what breed they might be and found that they showed all the signs of being pure blood Bengal kittens. Of course, being abandoned and feral, we had no papers for them, but they're pure Bengal to us!

One of the signs of Bengals is that they love water. I found out it's true the easy way. I was out watering our deck plants and two of the girls ran up to play. They loved chasing the stream, trying to bite the drops. It was all great fun! They'll even now come running when I call out "Who wants to play with Mr. Firehose!"

Here's a fun video of two girls, Winky and Zot.

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