Watson and the Sprinkler


Just when the fun was really getting good....

Tesla, of course, gets in his trademark photobomb.

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KittEnclosure IP Camera Streams


First of a series of compiled IP camera streams covering an afternoon of activity in the KittEnclosure. It begins early afternoon and extends until near sunset. Many of the kids can be seen climbing the Tower, racing up trees, coming in and going out and general romping around.

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Debut Of The KittEnclosure


Joy has been working for the past few months creating an outdoor compound in which our kids can play. They used to run free but there have been injuries and some have gone missing. Zot came home with a rattlesnake bite on her hand, Luna came home with a bite out of her tummy, Roadside, Blinky and Luna eventually never came home. It's too much. We don't like keeping them cooped up, it's not their nature—especially the Bengals, but the alternative in these wild surroundings is just too serious.

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Whither Thou Goest, My Blinky?


We've been a bit spun-out over the past number of days. We have lost one of our family. We're both really torn up. We've not been getting any signal from Blinky's tracking radio since she didn't come home and we've taken to widening the search area every day by truck, using the Radio Direction Finder to see if she is just out of range. Nothing. No idea what happened to her. She just vanished.

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Hungry, Lonely, Scared • Part 4, Black Bart!

On the Counter

Progress with the new kitty! No longer is he growling when I come in and dish out some canned food. There are still a few daggers, and no contact, but I was pretty close to him and he didn't growl!

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Hungry, Lonely, Scared • Part 3, Tasmanian Devil Cat!

New Kitty

Cold, wet, rainy day. New Kitty was warm, well fed, safe and dry all night. Hopefully we'll make a little progress today. I put in a box for him, but this morning found him at the back of the litter box cave. That's fine too. I didn't disturb him. Poor little boy. He is so afraid. I think he is actually a boy. He's small, but his face looks stocky. I believe I saw some "boy signs" as he was flying around the room, so I think for now I'll call him Black Bart until I can get a better look.

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