Watson and the Sprinkler


Just when the fun was really getting good....

This is Watson, one of a set of three rescued kittens that have recently come to the ranch. They are all absolutely gorgeous; especially him. His two sisters: Arya, so named because of her sassy nature, and Willow who really reminds Joy of her Shadow whom we recently lost, are also remarkably beautiful. Their tails are unusually thick and full for the length of their fur. We are happy to have been able to save their lives and give them a loving home, friends to play with and a safe environment in which to grow. Their antics keep us busy and they wouldn't miss Crunchie time for anything.

Dad's in the kitchen!

Vocal as all getout when I ask them what they want. Even more so if I don't pony up quickly enough. Their little voices just melt your heart.

I got up to stretch my legs for a bit, went out to check on how everyone was doing in the KittEnclosure and found Watson balancing on the Corral rail; engrossed in the sprinkler head that had just turned on. He loves drinking from The Faucet of Life in the bathroom, so his taking to water isn't a surprise. I ran back into the studio and grabbed my phone; hoping that he wouldn't lose interest in the interim. I wasn't disappointed.

I missed the money shot, however. When I came back from offloading the first take and was getting focused, he accidentally grabbed the diffuser with a claw; yanking it off. A jet of water shot straight up into the branch just above. He dropped down on the ground to try to get to it. That's what got him soaked. I wish I could have turned the sprinkler back on while he was attempting to get it to go again. Tesla, of course, gets in his trademark photobomb.   Tags: , ,
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