We Need Help – Please Back Our IndieGoGo To Move Our Home


Our home is in danger. Mom and Dad have been doing all they can to save our home and their business, but we're scared. They have put together an IndieGoGo Campaign to raise necessary funds to help us get a new home and them a new studio to continue making beauty and saving lives, as they are meant to do. They have helped us so much and we want to help them now, in any way we can.

They say that there is strength in numbers and lots of small contributions can add up to make a big difference. We're small, we add up and do make a big difference, so I guess they are right.

Please visit the link above and see the Wonderful Rewards they are offering. Use the Share links on their Campaign page, so that your friends can get to it easily.

Comment here and on their Campaign page. Your support will mean so much to my brothers and sisters, and to those I have yet to meet and play with.

Thank You,

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