Hungry, Lonely, Scared • Part I

I'm invisible!

This series covers the transformation that this new little kitty went through, and what a tremendous transformation it was too. These are the posts as they happened on Facebook covering the journey this little one went through. Please follow along as we tell the story of saving this little heart, and the journey we went through with him.

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Hungry, Lonely, Scared • Part 2, Capture!


Saw the new kitty hanging around right outside the door, hungry. Great time to set the trap. I use a Havahart Live Trap, set with canned, stinky food. These traps have a trigger pressure plate so when the kitty (or raccoon or fox or skunk) go inside, they get all the way in before stepping on the trigger plate, and the door behind them snaps shut but is far enough away to (hopefully) not catch any tail or fur in the closure. The trap has a spring loaded lock so it stays shut once the critter is inside.

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Hungry, Lonely, Scared • Part 3, Tasmanian Devil Cat!

New Kitty

Cold, wet, rainy day. New Kitty was warm, well fed, safe and dry all night. Hopefully we'll make a little progress today. I put in a box for him, but this morning found him at the back of the litter box cave. That's fine too. I didn't disturb him. Poor little boy. He is so afraid. I think he is actually a boy. He's small, but his face looks stocky. I believe I saw some "boy signs" as he was flying around the room, so I think for now I'll call him Black Bart until I can get a better look.

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Hungry, Lonely, Scared • Part 4, Black Bart!

Progress with the new kitty! No longer is he growling when I come in and dish out some canned food. There are still a few daggers, and no contact, but I was pretty close to him and he didn't growl!

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